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Paper instructions:

Write an 8-10 page research paper with a minimum of 6 references and double spaced. The paper must follow APA guidelines. References must come from

scholarly journals,textbooks, professional literature or scholarly electronic journals (no magazines or newspapers)Web sites are acceptable but should be used sparingly and must be cited properly.

Suggested Format for the Research Paper

I. Choose an exemplar from Appendix A in the book (278-292).

II. Ethical theory

A. Choose one ethical perspective (Ch 3); briefly explain it

B. Discuss your personal values that influenced your choice of perspective.

C. Based on the perspective you chose, rank-order the decision-making principles found on p 69, #1, a – g.

III. Apply the Ethical Rules Screen to the case

A. Identify the ethical issue(s)

B. Relevant sections of the the NASW Code of Ethics.

1. Are there applicable laws?

2. Is there professional literature that might provide guidance

IV. Apply the Ethical Principles Screen to the case (use the ordering you chose)

A. Identify the relevant principles and discuss fully how they apply to the case.

B. Based upon your ordering of the principles, what decision would you make?

C. Discuss the three “final checks” from p 86 (Impartiality, Generalization, and Justifiability).

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